2.Internationaler Waldkunstpfad 2004
Tom Loeser, Madison/Wisconsin »Forest Furniture – Waldmöbel« (Installation)

Ich habe Waldsitzmöbel mit traditionellen rustikale Methoden hergestellt. Die Möbel sind an den Bäumen befestigt, so daß der Baum ein Teil des Stuhles oder der Bank wird. Die von mir geschaffenen Orte sollen zum Ausruhen dienen oder zu »sozialen Orte« werden als Stationen auf dem Waldkunstpfad bzw. auf der Expedition im Wald.

Tom Loeser has been making one-of-a-kind furniture for about 23 years. For most of that time he has incorporated carving and color as key elements in the design. All of my work is functional. Many of the pieces draw on historical work for inspiration. I am particularly attracted to the Shaker aesthetic as well as Modernist work by the architect and furniture designer Gerrit Rietveld. I have been head of the wood/furniture program at UW-Madison for 13 years. We offer beginning and advanced woodworking classes to undergraduate and graduate students. My training is in traditional furniture making techniques that take advantage of classical joinery systems. In my own work, and in the courses that I teach I stress using a solid technical foundation along with conceptual innovation to produce innovative and dynamic furniture.